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      • 轻质隔墙板怎么样开线槽呢
      • 本站编辑:杭州久泰建材有限公司发布日期:2019-10-10 21:21 浏览次数:
          1 说明选用隔墙条板的种类和轴线分布,墙体的厚度要求、门窗分布位置和洞口尺寸,管线分布位置和开槽尺寸;   
      2 明确条板隔墙的使用功能要求,有无防水、吊挂重物要求及应采取的措施等;
          3 规定条板隔墙的防火、隔声指标等
         4 明确条板隔墙的抗冲击、抗震功能要求。

      Can the lightweight panel be used to open the grooves?
      1 Explains the type and axis distribution of the partition board, the thickness requirements of the wall, the location of the doors and windows and the size of the hole, the distribution position of the pipeline and the size of the slot;
      2 Clarify the functional requirements of the bar wall, whether it is waterproof, hanging heavy objects, and the measures to be taken;
      3 stipulates the fire protection and sound insulation indicators of the bar partition wall
      4 Explicit bar partition wall impact resistance, seismic function requirements.
      How to open the wire slot correctly on the lightweight wall panel
      In order to ensure the quality of the project, the engineering design unit is required to put forward the basic target requirements for the function and use of the strip wall building, so that the performance of the partition wall can reach the best target.