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      • GRC轻质墙板抹灰时的时要注意哪些地方
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      When decorative plastering is carried out on the Steel Wire Mesh on the surface of GRC lightweight wall panel, the Steel Wire Mesh and polystyrene board are used to restrict the shrinkage deformation of the plastering layer, but the steel wire Mesh is not easy to flatten during construction, and the partition board is prone to deformation after being subjected to force, weakened the plastering layer of the binding capacity, prone to shrinkage cracks, so that the wall condensation phenomenon. The restrictive conditions of the subsequent plastering layer can be improved by strictly layering plastering, and the time interval between plastering is more than 7 days, and after the upper plastering layer has fully contracted and deformed, the construction method of the next plastering layer can be carried out, effective prevention of shrinkage cracks and condensation phenomenon.