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      • 轻质隔墙板的安装方式介绍
      • 本站编辑:杭州久泰建材有限公司发布日期:2020-03-04 16:57 浏览次数:

      Light Partition Board Installation 1, according to the actual drawings clearly pre-masonry wall positioning out of the wall, floor, roof, beams and other surface dust and excess mortar, flat surface. 2, the design requirements do guide wall can do precast concrete pad, can also do cast-in-place concrete guide wall. The center line of the guide wall should be consistent with the center line of the block wall. 3. Calculate the number of blocks in the length direction of the partition wall in front of the Masonry Wall. Masonry walls generally do not need plastering, masonry should be taken from the bottom to the top of the ladder form of masonry, requires the upper and lower joints for staggered joint arrangement. 4, put the line, the board in place: in the installation of the wall plate axis respectively up and down the two-line plate thickness, according to the need to lift the specifications to the wall. 5, saw plate: According to the specifications of the wall arbitrary with a portable electric saw cutting. 6. SIZING: Cement the edges of two boards together, then apply polymer mortar to any edge of the tenon. 7. INSTALLATION: move the slats ready for installation to the assembly position, align the wallboard with a crowbar, pull the panels close together, extrude the polymer mortar from the joint to a full volume, and then temporarily secure it with a wooden wedge. 8. Correct and fix; check the verticality and flatness correction with a ruler 2 meters or more, then fix it with 6mm or 8mm ribbed steel bar and construction glue. 9. grouting and Grout; fill the corrected wall panel with Polymer Mortar, scrape flat, and fill the gap between the top and bottom with fine stone concrete. 10, Paste anti-crack cloth: After the pouring polymer and the wall are all finalized, in all the joints with latex cloth glass fiber paste. 11, the installation of wires, switches: will be installed dark line, switch box location wire, and then cut a slot with a portable electric saw, after installation with polymer mortar fill flat. 12. INSTALL DOOR FRAMES: leave door and window openings in the installed walls and anchor them with plywood or wire at will. 13. Decorative Tile, decorative board; in the installed wall without plastering, you can paste tiles or other wood decorative panels. 14, electrical installation: in the installed indoor installation of lights, furniture, air conditioning, can nail can be hung.