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      • 轻质隔墙板厚度有哪些
      • 本站编辑:杭州久泰建材有限公司发布日期:2020-04-06 21:51 浏览次数:
      轻质隔墙板的规格每个厂家所生产的其实都差不多,较为常规的长宽分别是2.44米和0.61米,还有另外一种是长3米宽0.61米的,厚度也有很多种,大约可分为75mm、90mm、100mm、120mm、150mm,有的厂家可以还会根据采购商工程的需求,制作出其他厚度的轻质隔墙板,但是市面上较多的也就是以上那几种。 轻质隔墙板按自上市以来,以其轻质高强、防火防水、保温隔音、节能环保的特性迅速成为部分为建筑行业购买度较为火爆的产品,建筑行业的新词能够环保建材,此建材不仅耐火强度大,而且当活在发生时具有良好的耐火能力,不会燃烧,不会产生有毒气体;具有良好的隔音性能用作室内教室装修,仍能保持温度在20度左右,运输时只需将墙板平放于车体底部,确保板材下没有异物。 轻质隔墙板是一种新型节能墙体材料,墙板的两边有公母榫槽,安装的时候,只需要将墙板立起来,公、母榫涂上少量嵌缝砂浆后拼接对装起来,墙板的原材料均采用的是高标号的水泥和聚苯颗粒混合,板材的两边是各5毫米的硅酸钙板

      The specifications of the light partition board are similar to those produced by each manufacturer. The more conventional length and width are 2.44 meters and 0.61 meters respectively. There is another type which is 3 meters long and 0.61 meters wide, and there are also many kinds of thickness, can Be divided into about 75 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm, some manufacturers can also be based on the needs of the procurement project, the production of other thickness of light partition board, but the market is more than those kinds. Since the light-weight partition board was listed on the market, it quickly became part of the construction industry to buy more popular products with its characteristics of light weight, high strength, fire and water resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation, Energy Conservation and environmental protection, this building material not only has high fire resistance, but also has good fire resistance when it happens, it will not burn, it will not produce poisonous gas, and it has good sound insulation for indoor classroom decoration, it can still keep the temperature around 20 degrees, when transporting, simply put the wall board on the bottom of the car body to ensure that there is no foreign body under the board. Light Partition Board is a new type of energy-saving wall material. There are male and female tenons on both sides of the wall board. During installation, only the wall board needs to be erected. The male and female tenons are coated with a small amount of seam mortar and then spliced together, wallboard raw materials are used are high-grade cement and polystyrene particles mixed on both sides of the board is each 5 mm calcium silicate board